The Institute for Research and Community Service has the task of coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating research and community service activities. The Institute for Community Service Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha has the following Main Tasks and Functions. 

Main tasks:

The Community Service Institute has the task of organizing the implementation of community service activities and participating in managing and controlling the administration of the necessary resources. 


In carrying out its duties, the Community Service Institution carries out the following functions: 

  1. Implementation of the practice of science, technology, and/or arts (science and technology);
  2. Increasing the relevance of the Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha programme according to the needs of the community; 
  3. Implementation of providing assistance to the community to carry out development; 
  4. Implementation of the development of patterns and conceptions of national, regional, and/or regional development;
  5. Implementation of administrative affairs of Community Service Institutions. 

Task details

  1. Preparation of plans, programmes, and budgets; 
  2. Cooperation in community service with other agencies;
  3. Submission of information on community service programmes; 
  4. Community service training; 
  5. Acceptance and recording of proposals / proposals for community service; 
  6. Evaluation of community service proposals/proposals; 
  7. Documentation of proposals and results of community service implementation; 
  8. Publication of the results of community service; 
  9. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of community service;
  10. Data and information on the results of community service; 
  11. Information services on the results of community service; 
  12. Preparation of implementation instructions in the field of community service;
  13. Preparation and determination of the location of community service activities;
  14. Processing of permits for the implementation of community service;
  15. To record students and supervisors who participate in community service; 
  16. Make reports on community service activities.