The Undiksha Business Incubator, hereinafter referred to as I-BISA, is an institution that has the task of doing incubation in order to give birth to new entrepreneurs both from within the campus, namely students and lecturers, as well as outside the institution, namely MSMEs, especially in Buleleng Regency. The Undiksha Business Incubator, which was established in 2017, has been operating actively since 2018, at which time assistance was provided for several tenants, both in-wall and out-wall. Having a vision of Making the Creative Industry Superior, Advanced, and Quality Based on Balinese Cultural Wisdom, the focus of the incubation field is the creative industry. 

The growth of the creative industry is growing very rapidly in the world along with rapid technological developments from year to year as well. The growth of the creative industry in the world is also followed by a positive trend in the growth of the creative industry in Indonesia as well. The growth of the creative industry in Indonesia is also supported by the demographic bonus in Indonesia. The creative industry sector in Indonesia must be seriously developed with the aim of preparing Indonesia’s young generation in the hope that they will be able to become successful creativepreneurs and have an impact on the Indonesian economy in the future. 

In Indonesia, the creative industry is developing rapidly, experts and economists state that the state’s income is partly contributed by the creative industry which continues to grow and develop all the time. The creative industry itself according to the Indonesian Ministry of Trade is an industry that originates from the use of individual activities, skills and talents to create prosperity and employment opportunities by producing and exploiting the creative power and creativity of the individual. 

The creative industry currently has a very important role in the economy of a country, not only in developing countries such as Indonesia. This cannot be separated because the creative industry has a role in improving the economy of a country globally. The creative industry is closely related to the level of human creativity as the main resource driving the wheels of the economy. The number of creative industrial sectors that are created is the fruit of creativity and innovation developed by someone. 

Bali is an island rich in culture and customs. Balinese people have high creativity and have many ideas to develop creative industries. Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha Business Incubator is ready to become a forum for prospective creative industry entrepreneurs, which consists of 16 sub-sectors,

  1. Application and Game Developer
  2. Architecture
  3. Interior Design 
  4. Visual Communication Design 
  5. Product Design
  6. Fashion 
  7. Films, Animations and Videos
  8. Photography 
  9. Crafts 
  10. Culinary
  11. Music 
  12. Publishing 
  13. Advertising 
  14. Performing Arts
  15. Fine Arts 
  16. Television and Radio

With extraordinary market potential considering the geographical and demographic conditions of the Balinese people as well as in terms of tourism, it is hoped that the existence of INBIS UNDIKSHA Singaraja based on the Creative Industry will increase the income of the Balinese people. The incubation participants (tenants) are the UNDIKSHA academic community, both lecturers and students as well as the general public who meet the provisions applied in the tenant selection process. 

  1. Availability of information on facilities and infrastructure at the Business Incubator 
  2. Availability of an overview of the stages of activities in undergoing the incubation process 
  3. Availability of information about the requirements needed to be able to pass (graduation) from the incubation process at the Business Incubator. 


VISION of Undiksha’s Business Incubator 

Making the Creative Industry Superior, Advanced, and Quality Based on Balinese Cultural Wisdom. 

MISION of Undiksha’s Business Incubator 

  1. Generating new entrepreneurs from the academic community and the general public so that they have high competitiveness.
  2. Become a bridge between the world of Academics, Business, Community and Government so that businesses can develop well.
  3. Promote the work of the nation’s children in the creative industry so that it has a high commercial value.


The Creative Industry-based Business Incubator, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha Singaraja, aims to provide a reference for Tenants and INBIS staff in undergoing the business incubation process at INBIS UNDIKSHA Singaraja. 


The targets to be achieved with the Business Incubator are as follows: 

  1. Tenants who are incubated are able to develop their business well according to market needs.
  2. Tenants are able to increase their production capabilities both in quality and quantity.
  3. Tenants are able to provide an economic impact on the surrounding community.